Blb Day!  Wednesday 25th June, 2008


The waiting was over.   Blb day arrived and to my relief so did Lightblb.


The aircraft was due in at 11.25 am local time and so I was I.   Both got there with very little time to spare.   Would she appear or was she languishing in some gaol or detention centre somewhere?  Then, there she was:



The Blb's first need after collecting luggage (all households effects and the kitchen sink) with a front end loader was  a cup of coffee.  Then the scenic tour to my bother in law's place.  We happened to travel past the cliffs overlooking Adelaide's nude beach.  I correctly predicted that the coast would be clear, mainly based on the arctic temperature and howling wind.   The Blb was amused by a sign there.  The other pic is of the cliffs south i.e. not in the direction of the nude beach which, incidentally, was deserted.



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