Wednesday Blb Day + 7 - Ceduna Dog Point


We gave up on Point Bell and decided to catch a squid or two off the rocks at Dog Point.  They were not huge but between us we caught 5.

Lightblb with Dog Point behind.  Lightblb with Bird Rock in the background.  Two other views of Bird Rock.

On the way out we came across this Stumpy-tailed Lizard.  It was unseasonal for him to be out at this time of year.

These pictures were taken of a local Ceduna identity with a Galah.  Carefully study each photo and see if you can pick the Galah.

This is pretty much the same thing and captures Sir_Roach pointing to his name commemorating the opening of a new police station nearly 18 years ago in 1990 in his previous life.

A pair of Black Swans cruise serenely near the boat ramp.

BD + 6

BD + 8

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