Thursday Blb Day + 8 - Ceduna to Norseman

Today it was time to leave Ceduna and head West to Norseman 1,200 km  (720 miles) away.  I wanted to get going early but coaxing mule to move when it does not want to is child's play to getting the blb mobile in the mornings.  However, we did manage to get going around dawn.  There was mist and fog as thick in patches as I have seen it.  72 km down the road was the small town of Penong.  Lightblb wanted to do the rubberneck thing.  She was the guest and I the host so it had to be done.

Behind us the sun was climbing in the mist.

A couple of hundred metres down the road West of Nullabor there is a hole in the ground.  The plaque says it all:


Site of a heroic attempt by W Marks

to find water for lessees Gray and Schilling.

William Henry Gray (1808-1896)

 was a pioneer South Australian colonist.

Erected by Gray's Descendants September 1986"


It looks like hard work to me to dig that with a pick and shovel.

Just after Mundrabilla in Western Australia we saw a Wedge-tailed Eagle on the side of the road.  Unfortunately, it had a broken wing.  Eagles commonly feed on road kill and not infrequently they are not quick enough to take off.  I snapped this pic as it ran away.  There was nothing we could do.

Towards the end of the day, the sky was quite picturesque.


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