Tuesday Blb Day + 6 - Ceduna and environs

Today we decided to go to Point Bell, some 64 km East of Ceduna.  However the place had changed since I was there last.  For a start, private property through which we used to travel had changed hands and the new owners were not inclined to allow transit through their land so we had to take the long way.  When we got there I found that the sandhill over which I used to drive had drifted and was now too soft and steep for me to attempt in a borrowed vehicle.  In looking around Lightblb posed on a sand hill which resembled somewhere in the Simpson Desert.  I think she would make a good Nullabor Nymph.


So we wandered off to Davenport Creek where the blb tried her hand at fishing.  My ears had been bashed mercilessly before this event about her fishing prowess but when put to the test ... well if there had been any fish to photograph they would have appeared on this page.

All was not lost, however, because we were visited by a couple of pelicans and a Pacific Gull.

We were also treated to a neat sky as sunset approached.

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