Saturday 12th July Blb Day + 11

Since I skipped a few pages last week, this series is now out of kilter and the dates do not match.  Whatever.

Today my good friend Gail had organised a Christmas in July dinner in honour of the blb.  My small contribution was to provided the place mats which were pictures from Lightblb's flickr website which had been laminated.  We turned them over just before eating.  Furthermore everyone then revealed a white T shirt on which iron-on pictures of a similar genre.  Sadly, I neglected to take many photos but at least I took one of the place mats afterwards.

<----- Gail's Triffid

The hostess; the blb w/ a place mat; the place mats laid out.


The following morning it was time to head North - towards the warmth.  We stayed at Meekathara that night.



BD + 10

BD + 12

Lightblb Intro


Lightblb's Flickr Site.