Saturday Blb Day + 10 5 July to Friday Blb day + 16 - Pickering Brook


We arrived in Pickering Brook (Perth) on 4 July, 2008 and stayed there for 8 days leaving on Sunday 13th July, 2008.

Lightblb (aka Annie Oakley) and I popped away at beer cans.  The blb got lucky.  'nuff said.  The second photo is a Banksia flowering in my garden.


On Wednesday we went to the Mundaring Weir Hotel.  In Australian terms it is a historic building dating back a century or so.  It is set in picturesque surroundings where Port Lincoln Ringneck Parrots abound.  They have got used to tourists and locals.  They just love to share your chips, a practice that is probably not ecologically correct but it is fun.  Lightblb shared her chips (well French fries as she calls them).


An Australian Magpie was around but the food on offer was not to his taste.  A Wattlebird was also in attendance.

The pictures below are views of the Mudaring Weir Reservoir (and the blb).  The fourth picture is the blb in the bar of the Pickeirng Brook Sporting Club.  I have to confess that the picture was posed since Lightblb does not drink beer.  She insisted on being photographed with some of the young 'talent'.

Below is a Grey Butcherbird which Lightblb and I photographed a few days later


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BD + 11

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