Friday Blb Day + 2

Today we bade farewell to Craig and Janine, my brother in law and his delightful wife and wandered off.  Lightblb has a fixation on petrol prices (she cannot grasp the difference between petrol (a liquid) and a gas.  But never mind, she is an American and a girl and this is technical stuff.  Anyway, anyoen that looks as nice as her just has to be forgiven.




Adelaide is known as the city of churches and the blb wanted to take some pics. 

When we passed the Sacred Heart College she was consumed by an urge to snap away (possibly a withdrawal symptom from being away from Floridian Alligators).  We asked for and were given permission to do so.  They were rightly proud of their heritage listed buildings.



We dropped into see one of my old rellies by marriage.   Ruth is the lady on the left.   She is 93.  She still has all her marbles  :)

The evening brought a soiree with some old flames and the blb



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