Thursday 17th July Blb Day + 14

Roeburn is some 80 km East of Dampier and North of Roeburn there are a few settlements.  Cossack was a very early settlement on a creek system.  Point Sampson is a more populated little place.  We went there with the idea of spending the day and then having dinner at a restaurant in Point Sampson.  The first settlement on the way was the small settlement of Wickam which as far as I know is only there for the purpose of housing workers at a nearby mine.  We were graced by the presence of a Rainbow Bee Eater.  At Cossack there is an interesting cemetery.  We looked around for a while. before moving on to a lookout. Lightblb was wearing a T shirt with an iron on picture of her on the sandhills at Point Bell near Ceduna.

Some views around the coast of Point Sampson; a Black-faced Cuckoo-shrike and a Richard's Pippit soon to be Australian Pippit if it is not already.


This Galah was in a cage at Point Sampson.


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