Sunday Blb Day + 4 - Whyalla, South Australia

Whyalla is South Australia's largest provincial city.  It is the westernmost city of the Iron Triangle which spans the top of the Spencer Gulf.  The other cities are Port Augusta and Port Pirie.  Whyalla has the steelworks which were originally owned by BHP but which were spun off from that company to a new entity, One Steel.


I took the blb on a tour of the city starting with Hummock Hill.




At the bottom of the hill there  were a couple of seagulls parading around.  I took a pic of one and the blb tried to take one too.


A little distance away was a tourist spot.  Since we fitted that category we had a quick look.  Lightblb was most impressed with Matthew Flinders.  Maybe she likes skinny guys.

Cowled's Landing is a 20 minute drive from Whyalla.   I did not have any success gleaning information from Google.  It must be a pretty insignificant place but it is lovely all the same.  There are a few beach shacks there.  Crested Terns love it.  It looks pretty neat too.


Here the blb decorates the beach.  Gotta love that old tractor.  On the right below a White-faced Heron perches on a branch in the mangroves.

Whyalla boasts a maritime museum which includes the ship 'Whyalla' which was the first ship built in the Whyalla shipyards.  The shipyards closed many yhears ago.


Aye aye, Sir, Capt Blb;  Lightblb the gunner trying to train Sir_Roach in the skills of anti-aircraft artillery.

The way a sailor gets ahead;  I never realised there was so much action off the East coast of Australia during WWII; the women did their bit during the war.

A couple of photographs of the mess in byegone days; the blb daydreams about what it would be like in that mess but for an accident of time;

The radio room;

The middle pic is the blb as seen down the barrel of the deck gun.


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