I spotted this Osprey about 300 km North of Perth on 19 January, 2003.  I was astonished that he or she actually cooperated while I took several photographs.

Two other Ospreys were perched not far away.

The Black-shouldered Kite is distributed nearly all over Australia and commonly seen in Pickering Brook.  It is almost identical to the Letter-winged Kite, the only perceptible difference being a small black triangle just behind each eye which is lacking in the Letter-winged Kite.  In addition the Letter-winged Kite hunts at night and roosts during the day making it hard to observe; I have never identified one.





They are often seen hovering over fields.  Notice the evil looking talons.


The Black Kite is said to exist almost all over Australia but I hav enever seen one except in Northern areas.  This one was captured by the camera at Katherine on 2 August 2005.



The Brahminy Kite is found only along the North coast of Australia.  This one was located near Wickham, W.A. on 28 May 2006.





The Collared Sparrowhawk is also found all over Australia.  One quiet Sunday afternoon, I was in the garden and wondering why no birds were around when my attention was attracted to a bang on the roof of a garden shed.  When I looked I saw a cloud of white feathers and a Sparrowhawk arriving on the scene at a rapid rate.  Apparently the quarry (which later turned out to be a dove) was lying doggo in some grass.  When I went for a look the Sparrowhawk waited on the fence some distance away and glared at me malevolently as I took these photographs.  In due course he moved to a nearby tree.

I moved closer to the dove to have a look to see if it was dead.  It was not.  It took off and flew away but, unfortunately for the dove, it vectored past the tree in which its predator was lurking.  Following, two very fast circuits directly above my head like a Spitfire on the tail of a Stuka, there was another cloud of  feathers and it was lunchtime for the Sparrowhawk.  It was a very bad day for the dove.







On 25th March 2010 I was again graced with the presence of a Collared Sparrowhawk




The Australian Kestrel is seen all over the Australian mainland and Tasmania.  They are occasionally seen around Pickering Brook but this one was photographed at Pardoo in the far North of Western Australia.

The one at right was photographed near Port Augusta in South Australia where they are prolific.





I am also graced with a pair of Wedge-tailed Eagles occasionally.  However, they have not yet cooperated with the resident amateur photographer.   But watch this space ....

Well somewhat limited success   This pair (below left) took a break from soaring on a large dead tree in the forest next to my home.  I tried to get closer for a better photograph but they declined to cooperate again.


During the last half of 2007 a Little Eagle has taken up residence in the environs of Pickering Brook.  On the right some Australian Magpies are giving it curry.



This Australian Hobby was found loafing in Wickham, WA on 28 May, 2006.





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