I photographed this maned duck while walking through a paddock. Another duck flew off while this one chose to spread its wings and try and hide itself in the grass. I suspected it may be protecting ducklings but I did not see any. I did not want to terrify the poor bird just to satisfy my curiosity so the matter will remain a mystery.


...but in a park in the nearby locality of Kalamunda mum dad and the kids show no signs of being camera shy.



Pacific Black Ducks are prolific throughout most of the coastal regions of Australia.  This chap was also photographed in the park at Kalamunda.


This Mallard was photographed in the pond under the tree where the Rufous Night Herons on the previous page live.


Australian Shellducks are not seen as often around here as the Pacific Black Duck and the Maned Duck.  This pair dropped in to visit my neighbours with the Pacific Black Duck on the right and the Maned Duck top left.  Somehow the female Australian Magpie-lark managed an invitation to the party.






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