The Australian Pelican above is an old favourite and very easily gets used to people in tourist areas.  However, they are best left to find their own food.  This photograph was taken at Denial Bay near Ceduna on the West Coast of South Australia.

This is Herbert. Herbert is a Pacific Heron who I saw a few times in my paddock but refused to perform for the camera. However, I discovered he resides locally and I tracked him down on Christmas Day goofing around on a telegraph pole.


Apparently he has a reputation as a sneak thief among people who have fish ponds.











The White-faced heron seen at right is found all over Australia. This picture was taken at Carnarvon, Western Australia.


Below is a Little Egret near Karratha 28 May, 2006.



Another wader is the Great Egret but the Great Egret is found all over Australia.  This one at right was photographed near Albany.









On 10th February, 2005, I went to the Rose Heritage Cafe in Walliston near Pickering Brook, in Melville Nursery.  There, there exists a large pond full of enormous Koi fish which thrive on food from visitors.  However, this pond has also created its own ecology including a resident pair (apparently) of Rufous Night Herons which inhabit a willow tree on the edge of the pond.





An Eastern Reef Egret, Dampier 31 May, 2006.




This iconic Australian bird, a Black-necked Stork, is also known as a Jabiru but that is not correct.  A Jabiru is a similar South American bird.  It might be 120 cm tall. I photographed the one at left at Shelley Creek on the North West Coast of Australia on 10 July 2001.I tried to get a better picture so that the bird was not silhouetted as much but, alas, as is so often the case, the bird would not cooperate. Despite being content with passing vehicular traffic he or she would not tolerate a slow moving quiet photographer.

The bird at right was near Wickham on     2nd  June, 2006



At the Sydney Fish Market this juvenile Sacred Ibis had become used to the hustle and bustle of city life in a tourist location.  No doubt there were some pickings around too.

The one below was feeding in the Southwest of Western Australia April 2003.  A Black-winged Stilt is also in the picture.

This chap is a Straw-necked Ibis.  I have seen them around Pickering Brook and I saw a flock of them on a dry creek bed at Carnarvon.  I saw this one on a front lawn of a house in Broome and stopped to take this photograph.  It was the first morning I was in Broome and I nearly did not stop thinking this would be normal in this location but I never saw one again.


Never before or since I took this photograph have I seen another Straw-necked Ibis tree.













Above left a pair of Yellow-billed Spoonbills near Longreach in Qld.  The Black Swan is the emblem of Western Australia but they occur all over Australia.


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