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Below are pictures from the 2003 BugTour.

Click on the thumbnails to bring a bigger picture.  You can download those pictures in the normal way but if you would like one or two higher resolution pictures email me and request them.


Old Faithfully just thinking about it.


The whole area steams with repressed energy

Thar she blows.

Settling down again


a sunset south of Yellowstone ...

and again

Same place, different shot

Oil field geology


and oil pump

A canyon occupied by Indians for the last millennium at least

A rock inscription - hard to see in this pic

A close up of the inscription

An explanation.

One wonders why so much recent history is so well preserved but ancient stuff like this ... ?

Another close up

other marks which are not quite so obvious

That bike again in another picturesque spot

The Grand Mesa byway

Another excellent beer well presented.  However this was in a motel in Mesa a rustic place which excelled in friendly hospitality.

I took a wrong turn and ended up on a dirt road - the best mistake I ever made.

A storm

Another montage if I

can ever get amy more work out of brenn1.


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