BugTour North America

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Below are pictures from the 2003 BugTour.

Click on the thumbnails to bring a bigger picture.  You can download those pictures in the normal way but if you would like one or two higher resolution pictures email me and request them.


Sir_Roach and Nemesis

again ...

Ha!    This pic made the trip worthwhile.  brenn1 exposed as a fraud!!!   Pouring Pepsi and not Coke

From left:  Tom_Joad, brenn1 and Sir_Roach

A water tower somewhere in Texas

brenn1 with another atomic bomb

Fatman and Sir_Roach

Information on Fat Man

Texas prickly pears.   Only half the size of Australian ones!

Sir_Roach and brenn1's cute sister, Tamera

& again - it was worth the cuddle

Once more for luck.  This girl is gorgeous.