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Below are pictures from the 2003 BugTour.

Click on the thumbnails to bring a bigger picture.  You can download those pictures in the normal way but if you would like one or two higher resolution pictures email me and request them.


Aerial desert shot

Desert Fault


These circles are caused by a particular irrigation system common in the USA

One of Sunny's tractors.  Woodville, Tx.

The other one

Snake spotted on a walk through Sunny's property.

Goofett & Sir_Roach

 Not a pretty sight

The bug on Sunny's machine.

Some sort of seabird

The Beach at Pass Christian, Mi


Where mangoes this bird goes too.  Blue Jay in Lightblb's garden, Boca Raton, Fl..

More onithological specimens on Lightblb's lawn.

Floodlit flag over a canal.



Some houses have weird decorations

 View from the rear of Newtronic's place


Newtronic and Lightblb

Newtronic and Sir_Roach

The ubiquitous spoggy visited Lightblb & Sir_Roach as they ate lunch.

This chap didn't want to miss out either.

A cardinal

Another one

Iguana, Boca Raton, Fl


A frond in need is a frond indeed.


Japanese gardens


More of the same

The plant

I went a bit bananas over these Bonsai plants

Another plant

A turtle in the gardens

Another turtle or maybe the same one.

A Heron of some description

Ran into some gendarmes coming back from some police games.

A restaurant at Sebastian, Fl.


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