I have lived in Pickering Brook since July 2000.  At about that time I bought myself a Sony MVC-FD95 and started snapping pictures of the local wildlife, particularly birds.

I cannot claim to be the worlds best photographer but the main reason why some of the pictures are not as good as they might be is that the birds rarely cooperate.  Nevertheless, all the pictures are my own and I will replace them with better ones as and when I get lucky.

I have to cut down on the size of the pictures to comply with hosting limits but if you want the full sized originals just request them by email eleech@perthlaw.biz and I will send them right along.

I have no objection to any of my pictures being published for non-commercial purposes provided an acknowledgement of the source is included.

If you think I have wrongly identified any of my birds (shudder) please let me know at the above email address.

The Sacred Kingfisher below is my favourite picture.  I printed and framed him (or maybe her) and he watches over me while I sleep.  If there is no mention of the place where a photograph was taken, then it was in Pickering Brook or environs. 




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The main reference for the information contained in these pages was Simpson and Day, "The Birds of Australia", Lloyd O'Neil Pty Ltd, 1984.