Tasmania Trip (2)


Pelicans are a part of Australian scenery and I photographed this chap from the Denial Bay Jetty.  Denial Bay is a small locality 20 kms West of Ceduna where the best oysters in the world are aquacultured.  An empty boast?   Well try them and see :)   Best consumed with a chilled dry South Australian white wine preferably from the McLaren Vale area South of Adelaide.

  On the 18th I borrowed a Toyota Land Cruiser from a local friend of mine and Melon and I went to a place some 40 km from Ceduna.  This whole area is a breeding ground for fish and a playground for the local people.  That is me in the Land Cruiser and Melon doing the fishing.




 The picture at left is typical of the coastline around Ceduna.



The 19th brought an early start and a trip out on a fishing boat.  There is no better way to work up a thirst for icy cold aussie beer than to have an early start and spend all day out on the briny. 

Although sharks are the main catch, snapper are also common and very welcome.  Stingrays (eagle rays) also take the baits and their wings are saleable at the market.  If there is an over supply of wings and the price drops the cray fishermen buy them for cray bait which creates a natural floor price. 


A Seascape                                         Snapper                                         A stingray comes aboard                                    The catch

The area also produces huge amounts of King George Whiting but they are normally taken in smaller boats closer to the shore in sheltered areas.  The beaches on the West coast of the Eyre Peninsula and West of Ceduna produce large amounts to Australian Salmon (not to be confused with the Atlantic Salmon).  There is now a bag limit for Australian Salmon.  It is hard to understand why an amateur angler has a small bag limit imposed when he has travelled 150 km to get to a particular fishing spot when there is a commercial trawler 1000 metres off shore putting a net around 2 tonnes of them

The 20th of December saw us visit Laura Bay a few km South of Ceduna.  There are plans afoot for the the aquaculture of abalone in this area.


These are pictures of the coastline here.  Note the water is shallow and sheltered



   Even as we watched the coastline the watchers were being watched.



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