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The plan from St Helens was to ride to Gowrie Park nestled at the base of Cradle Mountain.  I had been there before and enjoyed the Swiss Cuisine of the owners.  The place had changed hands but, in the event, we were not disappointed.  As usual the scenery for the ride was just beautiful.



This was our cabin at Gowrie Park.  Gowrie Park caters for backpackers, caravaners, campers and people like us.

This chap was initially suspicious of us.

The restaurant was rustic and lovely.


It is a pity about the quality of the photographer :)

Beer battered Scallops.

Jack's trout

Jack made short work of the trout


On the way to Sheffield was Lower Crackpot.  It looked very touristy and expensive.  We did not go in.


But everyone to their own.  It did not appeal to me that is all.


This is Lake Barrington.  Apparently it is an international rowing course.  I thought it was just beautiful.

Kevin enjoys the scenery.


I wanted breakfast in Sheffield.  Kevin and Jack went on ahead to Stanley and 'The Nut' in the Northwest of Tasmania.  I got there in time to catch them coming down on the chairlift from the top.

I took this photograph 8 years ago on another tour.


The beach to the West of The Nut.




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