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Christmas in Whyalla


In the closing days of 2009, I left Pickering Brook to ride to Whyalla for Christmas with my mother, brother, niece and family.


Along the way I managed to get a puncture which I could not fix but, as luck would have it, after being assisted by a road patrol of the Royal Flying Doctor Service, a guy came along about 30 mins later towing a motor cycle trailer which was constructed for two motor cycles but he only had one on it.  He kindly gave me a lift and dropped me off some 1,400 kms later at Iron Knob where my bother collected me for the 50 km trip to Whyalla.


Christmas lunch, brilliantly organised by my niece was a buffet. 




This is my lovely niece.  She is not bad on the tooth.  She has no right to be so slim.  Watch how the Christmas lunch disappears right down to the last morsel.



Nephew Phil entertains my great niece, Chloe.

Chloe caught in a snowstorm :)

A youthful William Tell demonstrates his skills to Shirley Temple.

Carolyn doing what she does best - organising.



Kids doing what they do best having fun.




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