Murder Mystery Page 2



I have no skills pertaining to nursing native animals and so I made a few telephone calls and finally called the number of a local volunteer.   Unfortunately, she was not in when I called and I left a message.  When she called back I went to check on the possum but it had gone.

That I thought was the end of the saga but not so ....

The following morning I discovered the corpse of a deceased Possum, which I presume was the same one, and, not only that, but there was also half a corpse of a bandicoot in the breezeway of my house.  Search as I might, I could not locate the other half of the unfortunate bandicoot.  I slipped into crime scene mode and took the following photographs.




Clearly there had been perfidy afoot that night.  As every policeman knows, the motive for every crime is either sex, drugs or money or a combination thereof but what drama has unfolded during the night as I slumbered?  What marsupial madness had transpired?  If you can work it out, please email me.


PS.  Do not attach any importance to the time and date on the pictures.  My camera clock was 12 hours behind.