Western Australia's Road Traffic Regulations


I wrote a series of papers on the Western Australian Road Traffic Code.  I understand that the road traffic rules are now standardised across Australia which means that, in all probability, the same problems as those outlined in my papers exist all over Australia.  If that is so, then all Australian state legislators should hang their heads in shame.  We citizens deserve better efforts.  If I am wrong then only the Western Australian legislators should be ashamed of themselves.


It is indeed unfortunate that all we seem to hear from the relevant authorities is that accidents are caused through drink-driving, speeding or fatigue.  So fixed has this view become that it is not even considered necessary for learner drivers to know relevant road rules and, indeed, the rules themselves are so badly drafted and full of contradictions that it is virtually impossible to comprehend them.


I submitted these papers to my local Member of Parliament.  I intend to upload the responses of the relevant minister in due course.

Paper 1 - Regulation 113 - Restrictions on use of right hand lane and keep left rules as they apply to bicycles.

Paper 2 - The government publication "How to Pass your driving assessment" This publication has now been superseded and the comments no longer apply.

Paper 3 - The rule at inoperative traffic lights.  This problem was corrected in an amendment on 8th February, 2008.  See http://www.austlii.edu.au/au/legis/wa/consol_reg/rtc2000113/s46.html .

Paper 4 - The slip lane rule

Paper 5 - Regulation 113 - implementation.  How the government department responsible for road signs implementing the road rules, The Main Roads Department, fails miserably in its duty.  Does anyone care?