Lizards, like frogs, are not my strong point.   I bought a book from which I was supposed to be able to identify various specimens but so far I have only managed to identify one of them the Tiliqua rugosa rugosa commonly knows as a sleepy lizard or stumpy-tailed lizard.  These are found over most of Australia but their colours differ according to area.

If you can identify any of the others, please send me an email..

I think the one on the left is the same as the two at right.  Bottom left and bottom centre are obviously different.    ******  At last someone contacted me!!!!!!    Someone else actually looks at these pages :)

I am grateful to Alexander Niedermaier of Austria for suggesting that the black lizard at right (and left) is a Egernia major.  He has an interest in Australian reptiles.  In the light of his help I have researched it a little more myself and concluded it is in fact an Egernia KingiiEgernia major lives over on the East coast in Qld and NSW.  The specimen in my garden did not have a suitcase with him and I conclude he was not on vacation.  A page which provides the distribution of Australian skinks can be found at:



23 November, 2003, was a sleepy Sunday morning in spring in Pickering Brook.  It was a warm day and I spent a while at my computer.  Outside my front window there happened along a couple of Stump-tailed lizards.  I have come to my own conclusion about what was on the mind of the (I assume) male lizard.  Make up your own opinion with this series of pictures.