Frogs seem to thrive around here.  I have a little overgrown pond which I suspect they breed in but I never see any tadpoles.  They love the irrigated fern garden and spend summer days sitting on broad leaves. 


If you want to hear the frog calls or just learn more about Western Australian frogs go to the link below and follow the link to 'Frog Types'.  The pictures on this page are thumbnails and you can bring larger pics by clicking on them.


If you listen to the call of the Motorbike Frog you will know immediately why they are so named.

For 2 1/2 years I thought we only get two types of frogs here - Motorbike frogs which are depicted here and Banjo frogs which tend to live in the creek and are in fine voice during winter and spring. On 16 January, 2003, however, I spotted not only 7 motorbike frogs lazing the day away but also a Slender Tree Frog.  The Slender Tree Frog appears below right.