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Below are pictures from the 2003 BugTour.

Click on the thumbnails to bring a bigger picture.  You can download those pictures in the normal way but if you would like one or two higher resolution pictures email me and request them.


Self explanatory


Another information sign.

The site of the Boston Massacre.  Note the lion and the unicorn on the top corners of this building.

A Boston street


Graveyeard, Boston

The way things are done in Massachussets is exemplified by this bicyclist

A serious rock.

A yard full of the serious rock yard in Boston


Robert Burns a Scottish poet.

An annonymous Boston babe

The ultimate fate of Sam Adams.

The resting place of the Sam.

The Customs House Tower.  In the days of sail this was the tallest building in Boston and the first seen by approaching ships.


Britomart steps out in Boston








The top of the blast furnace where coke, iron ore and limestone are put into it.


The side of the blast furnace

The blast furnace outlet from where the molten iron emanates.

These bellows are driven by a water wheel.



Two of the water wheels

A water wheel driven industrial hammer

Another set of bellows in the foundry

Information plaque


Ditto again

A timber bridge at the rear of the blast furnace.

A Boston babe and an old house.

Astarte's iguana, Steve..

Steve again

Can't seem to get enough of Steve.





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