Easter 2007 by 2Cv

Perth, Western Australia, like many other places has a select number of 2CV enthusiasts.   For the uninitiated 2CVs are Citroen motor cars (or vans).  2CV stands for 2 horse power.  Originally the engines were only 2 horsepower.  They are a bit more powerful now but they would still have trouble pulling the skin off a rice pudding.  Devotees may be members of clubs local and global with their own rites and traditions.  The underlying motivation is summed up in the word 'fun'.

At the invitation of local member Greg Bracegirdle, the author of this travelogue, Ted Leech, and Chris Reed were invited along for the weekend and kindly loaned one of Greg's vans for the purpose.

At 4.00 pm on Thursday 5th April we gathered at the Gull Service Station on the Brookton Highway at Karagullen.  Ted and Chris were introduced to those present and after fuelling up the vehicles were drove off into the wild blue yonder for a weekend of camping.  The total distance was not great; 650 kilometres in 4 days meant there was plenty of time for pitching camp, drinking, cooking, eating, sleeping and striking camp.

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    Some of the cars lined up at Karagullen



In due course the group sallied forth for the afternoon drive to Beverley - about 100 km led by Ralph and Hanny in "Raid Oz".



             It looks distinctly like it is Hanny driving in the right hand photo.




The camping area at Beverley was basic but that was OK because we did not need much and it was close to the pub and everyone was happy to dine there.


 However, one should not drink on an empty stomach so we decided to have a couple of beers first.







Then, of course, at the pub it was necessary to wet the whistle while waiting for the meals;



The meal at the Hotel was quite satisfactory and a reasonable price.  On return to the camping ground a night cap or two was felt to be in order.



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