Around Pickering Brook we get two types of Robins.  The one on both sides is the Scarlet Robin and the other (not shown here) is the Red-capped Robin.  They are similar in appearance but the Red-capped Robin, as its name suggests, has a red top to its head.


The females are a lot less colourful with the female Scarlet Robin having only a dull reddish colour on her breast and the Red-capped Robing has no colour at all on hers.  Both specimens pictured are male.


Here we have a Western Yellow Robin.  It is not a common bird here but they are certainly around.





This brightly coloured chap is a Golden Whistler.  He eluded my attempts to get a decent photograph of him for a long time but persistence paid off in the end.  Another Whistler in this area is the Rufous Whistler and I have not managed to get a picture of that bird at all.

The female in both cases is quite drab.


The Willie Wagtail is a favourite over all of Australia.  A still photograph cannot do justice to its flight style and tail wagging antics.

Closely related to the Willy Wagtail is the Grey Fantail which is prolific here.  Negotiations are continuing for a photograph of sufficient quality to post here.


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