In 2005 I attempted to ride around Australia but aborted the attempt after and incident involving horizontal parking about 100 kilometres out of Longreach, Qld, but passing through Katherine, NT, I made the acquaintance of this chap.  He is a Blue-faced Honeyeater.   This is a thumbnail so you can bring up a larger image by clicking on it.


On the left is a noisy Miner which I photographed on the Western edge of its distribution on the Yorke Peninsula of South Australia.  Aren't those eyes just deliciously evil :)



These guys are Yellow-throated Miners and were photographed in the Northern part of Western Australia but are apparently distributed over most of Australia.  I have never seen any down in the Pickering Brook area though.

This picture of a pair of Singing Honeyeaters was taken in the grounds of a motel in Broome on the Northern Coast of Western Australia.  I must have been too close to the nest because there is nothing wrong with the bird at right except that it is putting on the broken-wing act.


This White-plumed Honeyeater was photographed at Pardoo near the North coast of Western Australia.





This Singing Honeyeater (12/6/04) was in my garden in a normal pose.





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