The Grey Butcherbird is seen around the Southern half of the continent and some of the Northern half.  It is omnivorous and not territorial.  These pictures were taken in an outer suburb of Perth.











This is the Pied Butcherbird which is more common and ranges over nearly all of mainland Australia.  The bird above is very tame having been fed by the owners of a roadhouse and probably by tourists.  He was quite happy to pose so that I could take his photograph.  At left on the Broome golf course can be see a pair of Pied Butcherbirds.  Note the difference colouring of the female below the male.












And last but not least is the ubiquitous Australian Magpie which is a common sight anywhere in Australia except in the very far North to the West of the Gulf of Carpentaria. Several different races of Australian Magpie exist which, I understand, inter breed.  Identification is difficult but I think the one on the left is a juvenile Gymnorhina tibicen and the one on the right is a female Gymnorhina dorsalis.

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